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Not so sweet dreams

Last night I dreamt that I was sent to a death camp… By the time I woke, I was set free but my nightmares are becoming more & more vivid. It literally scares me what the human mind is capable of, my mind… I dream of ghouls, demons, evil creatures, murderers & death every time I close my eyes. No exaggeration… Sometimes I violently wake myself out of a deep sleep because my dream feels too real… My body jerks up, my breathing is frantic, my heart beats erratically & sweat is pouring down every crease of me. I sit up & contemplate my life & a part of me is afraid to fall asleep again. It’s 5:52 AM & I’ve had a great night’s rest full of terror. I don’t want to close my eyes again & feel distressed. My biggest fear is to not be at peace in death & if sleep is the cousin of death, I rather be deprived at this point.

They say a picture can capture your soul… I don’t take selfies often just because of that superstition. Fuck all this vanity & nonsense nowadays… If I take a photo of myself, I make damn sure you see me as me, not simply what’s appealing to this society…

Simply stunning

Falling in love

with everything.
Everything is art & my lust is derived from the root of just being…

I wish I remembered NYE…

Break free from pattern. Love yourself, it’s threatening. Harness your unique sex energy & awaken multidimensional awareness, providing yourself every desire.

I’m so ready for 2014.

Please myself.
Travel consistently.
Flourish in my career.
Unleash & express my passions.
Conquer and grow glamorously.

I have to express myself.

My affection is easily allocated
but to give myself away to you would leave my heart perforated.

Bleeding out what is me,
patching the holes with what we could be…

Selfless. Myself lost.
Now I’m regretful accessing the replacement costs…

I’ll never let her go again just to let you come in.

Paying homage to Linda Evangelista.

Spent Wednesday-Friday in Washington with Destiney turning up.


i have a love affair

with the unknown..

I’ve been in Kansas City for a week.